twin SG2 Bass parts

I am a collector of 1970’s John Birch SG’s, John Birch pickups and parts and Jaydee (John Diggins) SG's

Everything I buy is for my personal collection, not for resale.
If you have any of these items and would like to sell or trade them, please contact me.

  • John Birch SG guitars
  • John Birch SG double necks “twin-necks”
  • John Birch SG basses
  • John Birch pickups
  • John Birch pickup surrounds
  • John Birch wiring harness, pots, caps, selector switches
  • John Birch volume, tone, selector knobs
  • John Birch machine heads
  • John Birch truss rod covers
  • John Birch bridge / tailpiece and studs (guitar & bass)
  • John Birch scratch plates front and back (SG Only)
  • John Birch toggle switches
  • John Birch jack plates
  • John Birch string nuts
  • John Birch strap buttons
  • John Birch catalogs and price list
  • Jaydee (John Diggins) SG's both guitars and basses

  • I also buy Gibson SG’s that have been modified by John Birch. These are usually guitars that have refitted with new necks, fret boards or pickups. The instruments can be in any condition, poor to mint, right or left handed. If you have a John Birch guitar that is just sitting around or broken…let me know. Give me a call or e-mail me with your phone number. I am always glad to give you a call. Transactions in the UK are no problem.
    Greg Dorsett
    E-mail ghd@cox.net
    Phone: 619-229-8709 California, USA.
    From Europe dial  001 before the number.